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Fourth World is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to

creativity, thoughtful conversation and collaborative work.

Meet Some of our Members

** Alejandro is an award winning pianist, composer and educator.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Sabre started playing the piano at age 4. He has performed extensively throughout Mexico, the United States AS WELL AS in Europe and Asia. cURRENTLY, hE IS pROFESSOR OF pIANO AND mUSIC tHEORY at Modesto Junior College in Northern California.  He is the founder and director of Music Lives! AND holds degrees from Mexico’s National School of Music, Carnegie Mellon University and the Eastman School of Music where he earned a doctoral degree in piano performance & literature with a minor in music theory. 


** SAL Served as the former Finance Director of The Faith & Politics Institute, a Washington D.C. non-profit that inspires Members of Congress to Engage in Civil Dialogue for the good of our nation.  He is currently Director of Operations at Quorum Analytics.  previously, SAL served as the deputy chief financial officer at Yemen Cable TV and head of finance at HRTC in Yemen.  A volunteer Firefighter, He also worked in the office of Congressman Dennis Cardoza and received the W.H. Capps Award for achievement at the University of California in the study of religion and public life.   


** Marianela immigrated twenty years ago to the United States from Chile (Where she was a travel agent).  She has worked for general electric in Arizona and a Spanish-language publication (Now: Hoy - Chicago Tribune) in Chicago and now volunteers to teach spanish at a local school.  marianela is a photographer and gardener and she and her husband raise their children by insisting on family meal time.


** Bert is professor emeritus of American literature from Arizona State University, where he taught for thirty years.  His academic specialties are American sea fiction and Charles Darwin's influence on American fiction.  His books in these fields are Sea-Brothers: the Tradition of American Sea Fiction from Moby-Dick to the Present (U of Penn, 1988), The Descent of Love: Darwin and the Theory of Sexual Selection in American Fiction, 1871 - 1926 (U of Penn, 1996), and Evolution and "the Sex Problem": American Fiction during the Eclipse of Darwinism (Kent State, 2004).   He is also an emeritus commercial fisherman, having owned and operated fishing boats in the salmon fishery in Cook Inlet, Alaska, from 1963 to 1992, as described in his memoir, Catching the Ebb: Drift-fishing for a Life in Cook Inlet (Oregon State UP, 2008).  


** Michael is a teacher-trainer with ACLE (Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational), writer & editor living in rome, italy.  Over the last twenty years, he has lived in Russia, Turkey, Ethiopia & Indonesia & has extensively traveled the globe.  His professional interests include humanistic education, action research & educational coaching; his passions include archaeology & history.  


** John is head of Middle & Upper Schools at Harrisburg Academy in Central Pennsylvania where he oversees the IB Diploma Programme and the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation. John holds degrees in Secondary Mathematics and Education and has completed a School Administration program at Santa Clara University.  He has taught mathematics and science and has spent years leading professional development for math teachers  with the California Association of Independent Schools and with charter, independent, and international schools. 


** javiera studied High school at Colegio Almendral and now attends Universidad de Chile (Santiago).  proud of her Mapuche Heritage, she also is an avid reader & youth excursion leader.  Recently, she was named a cultural ambassador to Mexico and pursued a learning exchange with mayan & nahual cultures.


** Ramez--from Cairo, Egypt--is a teacher of physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and french. He was a former NASA Simulation mission commander (2009-2010) for the challenger Education Center in New Mexico; he currently lives and teaches at a private school in Singapore.  


** Megan is a High School student who loves soccer, water polo, wake-boarding, music & photography.  SHe Lives in the foothills of Northern California.  Megan says she "loves writing because whenever you write, it can be compared to a journey, you start with nothing & sometimes you don’t really know where you would like to go." this summer, on her second learning exchange in hawaii, where she will focus on the traditions of polynesia as a comparison to the worldviews of judaism, christianity and islam.  


** Jeff is the Lead Instructor for the Humanities and Science High School in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona.   Jeff earned a Liberal Arts and a Masters Degree in Higher Education from the University of Arizona.  Prior to 1997, Jeff worked at the Arizona Department of Education where he was responsible for program management and policy implementation.   born and raised in Tucson, he has worked in public education for more than 30 years.   


** javi is a high school student at the colegio teresiano enrique de osso in Latin America.  She attended the Fourth World Learning Exchange in Northern California, calling it  "a gift for me."   She explains: "One of my interests is science, so I’m constantly asking questions to either understand or learn new things."  


** Vicente is an honors student at Sonora High School (california) and a part-time college student at columbia college.  he plays the saxophone, enjoys reading & soccer & hopes to be an author one day.  "I believe," he says, "that the cooperative Is a place to enrich one's experiences & learn new perspectives that transcend the dangers of all mono-cultures."  


** Liberty is a talented singer & student in Northern California who is involved in two Fourth World Learning Exchanges.  First, she joined the group to yosemite National park and this summer she is attending the learning exchange in KAUAI,  Hawaii.   when not playing water polo, at school or enjoying creative writing, quilting, painting, traveling & cooking, she can be found practicing the piano, guitar or ukulele.   


** GLEN has experience in online publishing and print media contributions for several national media outlets. His  focus is the "rock and roll" artist--be it musician, producer, engineer or film maker. currently a member in good standing of the International Federation of Journalists, glen lives in Northern california with his wife, Patti (a Nurse at Oakland Children's hospital), and two children--one in high school, the other attending San Francisco State University.


**KARLA independently home-schooled her two sons. SHE Has a Master’s of Science degree in Education Psychology and is a Doctorate candidate with a concentration in Humanities. Through literature co-op classes, she works with students to gain critical reading and critical writing skills and she is an active member of several Toastmasters clubs. She and her husband, Kyle, teach competitive mock trial and Her favorite pastimes include reading, writing, knitting, backpacking, gardening and playing board games.

** ADDIE is considered going into journalism, publishing & travel writing.  Currently a high school student in northern california, she loves to read, enjoys research and is an excellent athlete.  she recently participated in the Yosemite learning exchange so as to hone her reading, writing, conversational and travel skills. 



** Roy has dedicated his professional career to working with disadvantaged youth.  after receiving a DEGREE from California State University (Chico),  he started his career working with residential treatment homes for teenagers and discovered that working with disadvantaged students was his passion.  Roy then became a special education teacher in the Nevada Union High School District (Grass Valley).  Most Recently,  he has been a Special Education Director, Vice Principal and high school Principal in California.  Currently, roy oversees Alternative Education for the Sonora Union High School District (Cassina High School, Theodore Bird High School and the Adult Education Program).


** Jenni is a college administrator, grant writer, music teacher & experienced group facilitator.  when not at work or with her family, she acts in regional theatrical productions, including The Belle of Amherst about the life and poetry of emily dickinson.       


** Jalil, currently a college student in Modesto, California,  is from Afghanistan.  Before coming to the United States with his family, Jalil was a combat interpreter Embedded with U.S. Special Forces.   For Ten years He provided linguistic and cultural assistance to the Military in regions dominated by the Taliban.   He is  interested in the philosophy of religion and explorations of people’s lives and attitudes.  Jalil will be attending his first Fourth World learning exchange in Hawaii this summer.

** Callie is a Georgia native who teaches English courses at Reinhardt University.  An experienced editor, she enjoys helping writers of all types perfect their craft.  Callie has earned a Master of arts in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University and is currently working towards a doctorate in Humanities with a Literature specialization at Faulkner University


** Annette, a home-schooled high school junior, lives in Northern California on a small farm with horses, chickens, cats, and dogs.  She enjoys reading classic literature, writing for fun and for her online school newspaper.  One day Annette hopes to write novels and screenplays.  John Steinbeck, Markus Zusak, and Betty Smith inspire her and When not reading or writing, Annette can be found at the piano playing Chopin waltzes or cooking something tasty in the kitchen.


** Emma is a middle school history and high school literature teacher at Oak Grove Classical Academy.  She received A History Degree at Colorado Christian University and is Originally from California but Currently lives in New Mexico with her husband.   Emma has lived and worked in Cornwall, England, as well as Millstatt, Austria and she has traveled extensively in Europe and Central America and enjoys reading and writing poetry, painting, and hiking.  most of all, she is a lover of words.    


** Isaiah  teaches elementary and middle school math, science, english and social studies.  Previously, he worked as a "brain trainer" doing cognitive development exercises with struggling students after receiving Philosophy and Geography degrees from the University of New Mexico.  Isaiah was also an english teacher in japan, an Apologetics and Human Rights student in Strasbourg, France and has done mission work in Mexico, Belize, and South Korea.  beyond travel and education, his passions include writing and playing music, camping, board games, soccer and the present moment. currently, he is pursuing a Master's degree in Geography. 


** Jon was hired in 2005 as the Planning and Development Manager for the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians and two years later he became the tribe's Executive Director.  Prior to serving the Me-wuk band, Mr. Otterson worked for the Spokane Tribe in Washington State as its Assistant Planner.  He graduated from California State, Northridge in 1994 in Speech Communication after receiving an Associate's degree from Santa Barbara Community College.


** Kimberly is a mom.  She and her late husband, Mike have two children.  After graduating from UC Davis, she worked for a poultry company, eventually helping manage their environmental department.  Now she volunteers for two local non profit agencies, and helps at the school her children attend.  She raises her children to be self-sufficient adults, kind and creative humans, and thoughtful community members.  She is passionate about family, the environment, and the power of people.


** Chad, a Tenured professor in the Yosemite Community College District, received a doctorate from the University of Chicago and has taught high school, college and graduate school students.  a former university dean,  Founding Board Member or Executive Director of several Charter schools in California and NEw Mexico, and Peace corps volunteer In Chile, he was recently National endowment for the humanities grant director for "In Search of common Ground: Culture in California's Central Valley." 

            Fourth World Board Information

Officers, Community Oversight and Review Board Members serve two-year terms.  There are no term limits.  The next Community and Compliance Board Meeting is the third Tuesday in August. The next Review Board Meeting is the fourth Friday in September each year.  All of our meetings are public, and you are cordially invited.  If you would like to attend virtually, please e-mail at least 72 hours in advance of any meeting to receive instructions for video/audio attendance.

Our Authorial Rights and Publication Policy

We practice the defense of creative works through adherence to Copyright Law as well as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and uphold all moral, corollary, neighboring and related rights for each creative work and its author(s). 

Our mission requires a considerable disruption of common artistic dissemination practices and, for this reason, we interrogate how creativity has been vetted and distributed, how and what works have been shared and why, and even the relationship between reader and writer.  

For these and other reasons, we seek to undermine today's cult of personality and, thus, we have a preference for publishing creative works by anonymous and pseudonymous creators, although authors may choose to be named.

 Any number of forms are accepted for consideration - symposium and psalms; parables and philippics; lyric essays, testaments, treatises and manifestos; lectures, sermons, short stories, playlets and novels; scientific-mathematical writings with some creative bent, photographs, and videography; and other digitally reproducible forms of applied art. 

All creative works must relate to at least one of our creative concerns. 

Distributing creative works digitally with an “on-demand” print-and-mail option starting in 2020.

Learning Exchanges 2010-2020

2010 Learning Exchange:  Chile (Memory and Mytheopia – ThE Patagonian South via Santiago) * As Witan Educational Consortium

 2014 Learning Exchange: Chile (PlaceRapa Nui, Atacama Desert & Isla Chiloe via Santiago) *  As Witan Educational Consortium

2016 Learning Exchange: New Mexico/Utah (Location – Zion and Chaco Canyon)

2017 Learning Exchange: N. California (Struggle – Yosemite &  Calaveras Big Trees) Point of Departure: Sonora, CA

2017 Learning Exchange: S. California (Motion and Change – Tumpisa,  Joshua Trees & Salton Sea) Point of Departure: Sonora, CA

2018 Learning Exchange: Hawaii (Citizenship – Kauai) Point of Departure: San Francisco, CA

2019 Learning Exchange: N. California (Mytheopia and Art PracticE  – Mount Shasta) Point of Departure: Mount Shasta, CA

2020 Learning Exchange: El Norte Chico, Chile (Metacognition, AstrophysicS and Forgotten Histories and local legends)

Point of Departure: La Serena, Chile

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Potential Sites for Future Learning Exchanges  

Illinois/District of Columbia (Place and Location – Chicago & Washington DC)

  Alaska (Struggle and Mytheopia – Juneau & Glacier Bay   

 Australia (Art Practice and Motion – Aotearoa)

The American South ( MemorY and Place - Atlanta, New Orleans, CHarleston) 

Northern California (Struggle and change - San Francisco, Ukiah, Mendecino County)

Italy (Citizenship and Memory – Rome, Florence)

Oregon (Citizenship and Memory – KLamath Falls, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)