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Fourth World Cooperative (FWC) is a non-partisan, international not-for-profit cooperative that promotes cultural and political literacy through its quarterly journal and book-length publications. FWC’s mission is to define and occupy spaces in which co-creators who are dedicated to creatively reading and writing the world(s) around us can experiment, transmit their experience, and re-wild Word and World. Just as a true democracy derives its power from its people, so the cooperative derives its power from its readers and writers.


We are dedicated to creative collaboration and invite all who love books and the arts to join.

“...a fourth thing there is carefully to be provided for…the common good (over) private self....”

— "Letter to Pilgrim Planters," J. Robinson (1620)

Our non-profit organization promotes literacy and creative arts appreciation while encouraging and inspiring volunteerism and collaboration in the publication of  artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, religious and musical works.   In addition to publishing an international  journal and other literary and creative arts works each year, we offer a variety of community programs and group activities -  including learning exchanges, day camps, mealtime conversations, book discussions and music, theater, dance and arts events - to promote creativity and community expression.

The Importance of Creative Cooperation

Creative cooperation and  the Fourth World Journal

Creative cooperation and the Fourth World Journal

Fourth World  Protects and Practices Creative Cooperation 

Precisely because enriching discourse (including thoughtful reading and writing, focused observations and collaborative reflection) seems to be disappearing in the world today, our members believe we must take the time to engage important ideas and express ourselves through cooperative creativity.  In fact, modern life itself seems to be putting at existential risk the underpinnings of civilization itself—an individual and collaborative pursuit of the principles and practices necessary for "the good life." Imaginative reading rates are down, civil conversation is endangered, the practice and appreciation of the arts is dwindling. In short, we no longer seem to live creative lives in cooperation with others to pursue common aspirations. Through our events, activities and sponsorship we encourage writers, artists, teachers, students and community leaders to become members in our creative cooperation

Learning Exchanges, Field Experiences and the Repast Project

Our recent activities includes a two-part 2017 Learning Exchange as members from Chile, Italy, Mexico and the United States gathered to read, write and talk together while visiting Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks. Participants continued working, from a distance, to collaboratively publish the first themed ("Struggle: Old and New") issue of The Fourth World Journal in 2018.   A subsequent June 2018 Learning Exchange was held in The Hawaiian Islands and a new group of members traveled together to take creative workshops, have book discussions and explore the natural and cultural wonders of Kauai while researching for and planning the second issue. Members from Afghanistan, Chile, Georgia and California then co-created and cooperatively published the second issue of our international journal - "Cives Sum: I Am Citizen," (Winter-Spring 2019).  

We invite all members to become inspired and cooperatively create in our Learning Exchanges, Field ExperiencesBirds of a Feather Day CampsRepast Project Mealtime Conversations and other programs and events such as Music Lives! which encourage literacy, collaborative expression and the mutual pursuit of creativity.

“Most of the time we’re co-operators.”
— Aldous Huxley, Island

The Fourth World Journal

 The California Learning Exchange (2017) led member participants to co-create the inaugural issue of The Fourth World Journal -- a digital arts literary and arts magazine dedicated to collective reflection and creativity. This international journal is distributed free to all Fourth World members annually.  Teachers, parents, civic leaders and others who organize creative, community gatherings have found the journal useful in facilitating meaningful conversations, while our general readership appreciates the inter-generational conversations and creative expressions dedicated to a more imaginative understanding of fundamental cultural issues of our day.  Fourth World Cooperative Publications also publishes and distributes a wide variety of artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, religious and musical works

Our publishing house currently solicits any number of digital forms—symposium and psalms, parables and philippics, lyrical essays, testaments, treatises and manifestos.  We currently also seek lectures, sermons and stories, open letters, plays and novels and we particularly encourage those with a scientific or mathematical bent to their creative works as well as applied artists, including photographers and works of videography, to submit their creative works for publication consideration. Digitally-reproducible content is accepted year-round ($5 review fee for non-members); simply e-mail creative submissions to (as attachment or shared drive folder) for peer-review and publication consideration.  

Our Community Service and Sponsorship

Fourth World hopes future generations still find the time to eat slow foods and converse about complex questions, books and ideas. For this reason, we offer The Repast Project: Mealtime Conversations to hundreds of students and their extended families each year.  Hosted in local restaurants, homes, farms or vineyards, our supper and dinner club events provide a free gourmet meal and book to each student participant as well as the opportunity to talk thoughtfully about complex, contemporary issues such as Artificial Intelligence; Borders, Money and Citizenship; The Means and Ends of Public Education and The Politics of “We the People" with college and university professors, artists and community leaders. The Fourth World Learning Consortium also sponsors writers, artists, students, teachers and community leaders each year to participate, free-of-charge, in our various literacy, writing and arts appreciation programs. Fourth World also awards creative honorarium ($25 and free Fourth World membership)for all those chosen for publication in our cooperative literary and creative arts magazine, The Fourth World Journal. Student sponsorship is available for all of our learning exchanges, field experiences, day camps and community mealtime conversations.

Future(s) to come(2016) non-profit EIN # 82-0825630 / CA non-exempt Entity # 3999635

Fourth World Friends

We wish to thank our membership for their tireless efforts to promote and protect the skills shared by all civilizations over the last 6,000 years -our abilities to read, write, listen, reflect and work with others to creatively solve problems.  

 We thank all of the anonymous individuals, local and national businesses, families and other donors who have made our work possible.  Special gratitude is due the Yosemite Community College District, Lola Bistro and the Tuolumne Me Wuk Tribal Council for co-sponsoring recent civic, literary and artistic events.  Fourth World looks forward to many more literacy and creative arts programs as well as hosting our next Learning Exchanges. Special thanks to all those members who have dedicated many volunteer hours to make possible the annual publication of The Fourth World Journal.  

Perhaps you too will join us?