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Josuha Trees ( November 2017)

Josuha Trees ( November 2017)

Learning Exchanges

Learning Exchanges include: (1) guided travel to important regional cultural sites; (2) interdisciplinary-creative workshops; (3) mealtime conversations; and (4) ample opportunities to read, write and reflect in stunning natural and cultural geographies.   

Learning Exchanges also provide each group an opportunity to conduct field research and begin preparation for a collaborative issue of the Fourth World Journal, our magazine dedicated to the creative arts. 

Since 2010, our Learning Consortium (formerly Witan) has helped to offer inspirational group travel.  Expeditions have visited the driest desert in the world (Atacama Desert), Rapa Nui (the most remote place on earth), Patagonia and Mapuche territory.  We have also enjoyed Zion, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley and Chaco National Parks.  Fourth World  has just completed its 2018 Learning Exchange in Kauai, Hawaii

Upcoming Learning Exchanges   

2019 Learning Exchange

Memory and Mythopoeia , Art Practice and Progress 

 (Mount Shasta, California)   

This Learning Exchange focuses takes place in the stunning, inspiring beauty of the mountain, which also offers rich local cultures (including indigenous and New Age groups) and a local literary tradition (Oliver's A Dweller On Two Planets) which includes Lemurians, ancient survivors of a sunken continent.  In our discussions and creative workshops, we will consider the signs and symbols of regional artistic and religious practices as well as mythic and scientific notions of progress. Creative activities, mealtime discussions, notebook and reading exercises, cooperative seminars and a group "Shasta Vortex" adventure are included in the week of summer in Northern California. 

2020 Learning Exchange

Place and Location , Citizenship and Struggle (La Serena, Coquimbo, Santiago)  

This Learning Exchange to El Norte Chico of Chile, a long, slender country of sublime natural beauty. Creative activities, mealtime discussions, notebook and reading exercises, cooperative seminars and workshops and activities focus on meta-cognition and astrophysics. A three day stay in the northern Chilean desert - sleeping in geodesic domes, reading poetry and watching the night skies - is the centerpiece of a week which also includes visits to cultural, natural and historic sites in Santiago, La Serena and Coquimbo.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

The Repast Project 

We host supper and book clubs in local communities in order to talk about books, ideas and the creative arts in unconventional learning spaces: local restaurants, teacher's homes, farms and vineyards.  But why? In our age of connectivity  we have little time for face-to-face conversations and deep reading.  

Globally we have seen--in just one generation--a drastic decrease in all-important dinnertime conversations and a frightening rise in source illiteracy.  In fact, the next generation is part of an America that seems to have no time anymore for thoughtful conversation or complex reading.  The results are dire: non-readers have nearly tripled since 1978. The loss of social time and eye-to-eye group conversation conspires against today’s cyber-youth, as often they suffer from growing isolation and, understandably, are on the edge of a millennial mental health crisis.

This disengagement and dearth of "Basic Skills" does not go by unnoticed by irked businesses who complain of employees that “…do not know how to effectively carry on a conversation and are unable to do things like ask questions, listen actively and maintain eye contact.”  

We have provided hundreds of students, professors and community leaders with: (1) a free gourmet meal ; (2) opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural conversation about multi-dimensional issues, books and cultural art events. One student participant said, “It was an amazing experience, most of the time I am alone and it was really great to have conversations…. I valued how… at home it felt, it’s something...people should really experience.”  

“We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?”
— Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (1953)

Birds of a Feather Day Camp

Currently, local elementary and middle school students are also eligible to apply for our free Birds of a Feather Day Camp - alternate educational activities after school that include mealtime discussions, scientific-creative-linguistic fieldwork and ends with a public creative exhibition. 

These camps also allow time for the kids to put down their electronic devices, play in the fields with the goats, dogs and rabbits or feed the chickens, ducks and wild turkey.  

When not reading in a hammock under the oaks, gardening or having snack-time conversation, kids read fables, make observations about the natural world, keep notebooks and take pictures, draw and paint in preparation for a sponsored, end-of week art exhibition in the middle of the woods.


Institutional Exchange Program

The aim of our Institutional Exchange Program is to improve an organization’s social, cultural and civic literacy and make it a more collaborative, creative learning community.  

The program customizes to schools, businesses and other civic, artistic and creative groups and includes workshops, a mealtime conversations and a day trip to discover local resources which encourage creativity and thoughtful conversation.   

To host a Learning Exchange and encourage creative collaboration in your community, contact us at:

Base-Fee includes a creative experience and mealtime conversation as well as workshops and reading materials concerned with fostering collaboration in your organization through led discussion sessions and collaborative, creative activities and experiences.