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Our Four Creative Concerns

We encourage cooperative artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, religious and musical works. In addition to publishing an international, creative arts journal each year, we offer a variety of community programs and group activities to promote creativity and cooperative expression in the following creative worlds:

How does a culture answer questions such as “what is our purpose?”  and “where do we come from?” and “where are we going?” Works which explore mythic, religious and philosophic possibilities to ask “what do we know and how do we remember it?” as well as “what do we forget and why?” are especially encouraged.  

The concept of genius loci often gets to the heart of who we are, our places we hold most dear. The promised land, our sense of home.  Related concerns include exile, wandering and return as well as getting lost and being found are encouraged and creative works centered on questions about “what is familiar and what is terra incognito and why?”  and “why does 'knowing your place' matter and when and how should we find home in a new location?” 

  • Citizenship and Struggle   

    Some are ruled by ideology or fear while others seemed governed only by their passions, “how and why do we struggle to belong?” and “when is it time for an escape for something new?”  Works which explore the most beneficial forms of citizenship as well as question or examine past, present of potential groupings are encouraged along with reflections and responses which imaginatively consider “how should we best divide people and when should we seek common ground?”  and  “are there alternative forms of creative citizenship as yet unexplored?

Change seems inevitable, even swift, in the world of individual creative practice and collective expression. New movements, forms and aesthetic practices are constantly appearing and fading as we seek to capture the attention of others, so “how do we best practice the liberal arts and why?” Works in this thematic area of concern should consider the possibilities of unchanging beauty, truth and, or ponder the beginning, practices or end of a certain aesthetics and ask “when is it time for tradition, and when is it time to make everything anew?”   

The Fourth World Journal currently solicits any number of forms: 1) parables and philippics, personal epistles, essays and testaments; 2) academic and cultural essays, manifestos, lectures and sermons, political and policy position papers; 3) short-stories, poems, psalms, lyrics and plays; and 4) scientific-mathematical-religious treatises and digital photographic/cinematic representations. 


We invite you to become a member of Fourth World and also to practice the creative habits necessary to all thriving communities.

Fourth World supports and inspires those who express themselves through print and/or through digitally reproducible mediums - including creative works of writing, music, photography, drawing, painting and videography. 

If you are interested in submitting creative work for publication consideration in the next issue of The Fourth World Journal, you may email us your creative works. In the next issue of our cooperative publishing house journal we will explore metaphysical explanations to existential questions and consider the importance of both mythic and historic accounts in shaping art practice.

Deadline for submission to be considered for publication to the next issue on myth, progress and art practice is September 10, 2019.

Members and non-members are eligible to submit publication proposals for publication.  Submissions must relate to at least one of Fourth World's creative concerns and, at this time, we seek only previously unpublished creative works that can be digitally reproduced.   

Please send all creative submissions to: 

We will confirm member status (or receipt of review fee) and our Review Board  will review your work(s) for publication consideration.

Fourth World  Recent News

Music Lives!

With a sold-out performance by the L.A. Guitar QuartetMusic Lives! began in 2012 as a series to preserve and promote the performance of traditional musical forms.  Guided by a commitment to musical literacy and a love for the arts, Music Lives!  aspires to serve music students and enthusiasts by exposing them to established performers from around the world (at affordable prices) and offering opportunities to interact with visiting artists, participate in workshops and master classes, and even perform with professional artists in live performances. The series has presented a variety of artists to the Central California community, including two-time Latin Grammy-winning Cuarteto Latinoamericano, pianists Jorge Federico Osorio and Mauricio Nader, Baroque music ensemble Richard Savino & El Mundo and the internationally renowned baritone Vladimir Chernov. Fourth World is proud to collaborate with and support Music Lives!  in several of its current performances and related activities, including community visits by Grammy winning latin jazz trombonist Jamie Dubberly and renowned pianist Natsuki Fukasawa

Fourth World Program and Event Activities

As a membership, we have supported dozens of artists, photographers, writers, students, teacher and community leaders and have given away books, works of poetry and gourmet meals through our mealtime conversation and book clubs.  We have adopted an endangered pupfish in the Mohave Desert and given money for refugee relief projects.  We have also sponsored several community music events and have sponsored elementary, middle and high school students to read books or play musical instruments instead of scanning social media feeds during their academic breaks. 

In 2017,  Fourth World sponsored members from several continents to participate in our California Learning Exchange and create the inaugural edition of The Fourth World Journal, an issue which ultimately centered around “struggles, old and new” and saw contributions by members from Italy, Chile, the United States and indigenous communities.  Last year we organized a new cohort of writers, photographers, teachers, students and artists from Chile, California, Georgia and Afghanistan for our Hawaii Learning Exchange.  The group met for the first time and - while participating in collaborative discussions and creative workshops - began to research and plan for the second cooperative issue of our creative arts journal, now dedicated to a creative conversation around  past, present and future notions of citizenship.  

Fourth World was also recently mentioned in a news article: "NEH For All" Projects.

Recently, Fourth World's Learning Consortium sponsored six (6) high school, undergraduate and graduate students to attend a week-long Learning Exchange in Kauai, Hawaii (June 2018) and write a collaborative, creative arts journal - the second issue of The Fourth World Journal.  This unique group of writers and artists, students and teachers spent a week together on the oldest Hawaiian island, Kauai, as part of our non-profit’s efforts to promote creative collaboration, a love for books and appreciation for the arts. 

Kauai Learning Exchange 2018

Kauai Learning Exchange 2018

With the purpose of encouraging cooperative creative habits (reading, thoughtful conversation about books and ideas, group travel, writing, visual and musical creative expression)and fostering thoughtful, inter-generational exchange, Fourth World offered participants of the 2018 Hawaii Learning Exchange a variety of creative workshops and cultural encounters. The group tubed under a mountain while listening to ukulele and kayaked up a verdant river valley to swim the Wailua Falls; when not snorkeling, picnicking or turtle-watching on the coasts of the Garden Isle, this group enjoyed snow cones and coconuts while sharing diverse perspectives on the idea of "Citizenship," including Mark Twain’s version of paradise and Aldous Huxley’s utopian proposal in Island.  

When hiking the muddy trails of Waimea Canyon and Queen’s Bath, participants also shared ideas about the prophecies of Ray Bradbury and the poetry of Mary Oliver and T.S. Eliot and between rising for the sun, hiking the swinging bridge in historic Hanapepe and visiting the Kilauea Point Lighthouse wildlife refuge there still was time to enjoy sunsets at luau and on the beach as well as a variety of musical performances and invigorating group, mealtime discussions on questions ranging from "Who belongs and why?" to "What does the future of citizenship hold?"

Everyone brought to the island a unique experience - as a student or teacher, reader or writer, child or parent, war veteran or photographer, world traveler or homesteader - and now each returns with new friends and ideas, fresh perspectives, pictures and a series of notebook entries.  The current task for each member of the Hawaii Learning Exchange is to cooperatively write, design, edit and publish the next issue of our creative arts journal, The Fourth World Journal, inspired by the Kauai island experience.  If you are interested in submitting creative work for publication consideration in the next issue of The Fourth World Journal, you may email us ( your creative submissions. Again, the deadline for submission to be considered for publication to the next issue on myth, progress and art practice is September 10, 2019.